Heavy Metals

- The laboratory is specialized in the detection of elements and heavy metals in both food and environmental products where heavy elements constituting a danger to humans and the environment are analyzed, such as:

Lead (Pb) - Cadmium (Cd) - Copper (Cu) - Mercury (Hg). In order to meet client needs and give quick and reliable results, the lab provides the latest instruments for the assessment of heavy elements. They include the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), Plasma dual induction (ICP) and ICP-MS instruments for the assessment of most of the periodic table elements up to ppt level, of more than one element in a single sample and of analogous elements

Mercury (Hg) - Tin (Sn) - Zinc (Zn) - Iron (Fe) - Aluminum (Al) – Selenium (Se) - Arsenic (As) - Manganese (Mn) - Chromium (Cr).