About Us

‏AlHabib For Export, We're a very fast growing company in the agriculture fields, Our Mission is always to make your life more better by serving the market needs of agricultural organic crops (Herbs , Spices and Seeds ). AlHabib For Export relies on a solid working team of professionals, and on the global knowledge through several companies, and preside over the main office in Egypt.

We gained the experience in growing organic agriculture filed especially in the Organic (Herbs , Spices and Seeds). Also we gained experience in the processing, production, packing, and storage, dehydration which makes the final product presented in the high standard, ready to be shipped to all over the world and delivered with a high quality with a competitive prices.

We have our own dehydration and drying facilities, both by natural and mechanical means. Our highly qualified agricultural engineers assure top quality of the raw materials before being fed into the production lines.

Our products are all highly demanded from certain buyers in Europe because of the high percentage of oil, strong taste and aroma present in them. We do have the facilities to offer you herbs and seeds in any form the client's require; crushed, ground, whole leaves, half leaves, etc. Throughout the processing our Quality Assurance Dept's job is continuous during processing by regular sampling and analyzing the samples to meet the specifications required by clients.

We have long experience in this trade because of our presence in some countries in the region , which means the number and diversity Products, and we invite you to discover our experience. We use our relationship strong shipping companies and air and land lines which allow us to meet all your needs easily.

Our Features

  • Quality

    The company system is distinguished by considering all the conditions necessary for food safety and quality. Each type of produce offered to consumers can be traced back to its source for maximum safety.

  • We export our production to the world wide i.e. (Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay,Srilanka ,Singapor ………etc

  • In ‏AlHabib For Export it is essential to give detailed guidance and mentoring to our customers and partners, prove us and let us convince you with our service.

  • We have an experienced and professional working team, who works hardly to assure the best quality.

  • ‏AlHabib For Export Has an advanced internal laboratory to test the raw materials and the finished products.


AlHabib For Export is one of the leading producers of farm equipment and processing and filtering, processing and packaging of herbs and spices and agricultural crops in Egypt -We started export in 2000 to Countries of United States and East Asia and most Arabic countries Australia.

The Processing

Auto Screening , Examination & Purification 100 % Reduce Wastes & Impurities to zero level .

100% Organic

Organic farming has gained increasing interest as an environment friendly production system.

The Decision

We decided to enlarge our scope on the international level and we established Land Spices for exporting our own production.


to find out more about our Services. our professional staff will be happy to answer questions about our specialty products.