About Us

‏ AlHabib For Export is one of Leading companies in Middle east in the field of manufacturing, processing, sterilization and packing , medical plants,Herbs,Spice and Seeds

  • Our key technologies include: Steam Treated Spice and Heat Treated.
  • We're committed to renewable energy and Spicely takes steps to make sure we are 100% renewable energy compliant.
  • 100% vegan with zero animal products. No, really. There's no dairy, egg, fats or even sweeteners like sugar or honey. Finally a meal that everyone can enjoy.

As a proud member of the Organic Trade Association, we're helping to increase awareness, move businesses towards sustainability and to lead by example ourselves..


Green Business

Why do we use 100% biodegradable packaging? And encourage sustainable farming? And get certified as a green business? Ask your great grandchildren. The real question is, why doesn't everyone?


Only when the goods meet our stringent high standards and client specifications are they released for export. Keeping adequate inventory levels is essential in our field, for this reason we have a total storage area of 10,000 sq.m.


We have our own dehydration and drying facilities, both by natural and mechanical means. Our highly qualified agricultural engineers assure top quality of the raw materials before being fed into the production lines.


The factory is equipped with the latest machine technology and has an annual production capacity of more than 13,000 MT. Purity rates of finished products reach over 99.97% and meet USFDA/ASTA standards.


Its experience in this field goes back to 2001. Its reputation for quality, efficiency and fulfillment of commitment is worldwide known. It usually deals with three different categories of herbs and seeds; conventional, EU Compliant, certified organic.


Modi nostrum vel laborum. Porro fugit error sit minus sapiente sit aspernaturOur unique location in the centre of the globe, helps in delivering our products to all markets easily and quickly. Our clients are located all over the world starting from the Middle East, passing through Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Our most important products

  • All
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Seeds


Caraway Seeds


Black Pepper

Fenugreek Seeds



Dried Black Lemon

Anise Seeds